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Relish the classic taste of Daseri mangoes, a prized variety from Pakistan known for their aromatic fragrance and delightful sweetness. With their rich, creamy texture succulent, fiberless flesh, Daseri mangoes are a perfect choice for both fresh consumption and culinary creations. Experience the timeless appeal of Daseri mangoes, handpicked to ensure the highest quality and freshness.

Available to order from approximately 8th – 25th June

Please note that the availability of our mangoes is subject to seasonal variations and ripeness, and these dates are correct to the best of our abilities. We strive to provide the best quality mangoes, and exact dates may vary due to weather conditions and natural ripening processes. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we ensure you receive the finest, ripest mangoes possible.

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"5KG Premium Gift Box", "10KG Wooden Box"


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